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Our Concept

As we are a fish wholesaler with over a hundred year of experience, every morning, we will go out and buy fish for our 8 stores in Japan. Of course, the same fresh fish will be send by air to Bangkok so you could savour the fish and our story in the same day.

Craftsmen from the main store with specialty and sushi heritage will be directly managing the store and will definitely make you consistently excited.

The culture that was born in Edo era and continued for more than 300 years used to be a lively experience. At our main store in Tsukiji, customer will be welcomed by a bridge that represent “Nihonbashi” which is the symbol of Edo’s castle town. We aims to continue the path from that bridge until today. Using fresh seafood generously, we offer various creative dishes that cannot be easily eaten at other sushi restaurant. Using the natural goodness of the ingredient combined with exquisite craftmanship of or employee would definitely leave you feeling satisfy.

Concept of Bangkok Store

“Shibireru (Goosebump)” which was born from real sushi craftsmen and passionate customer. Do you know that moving feeling you have when you met a truly sensational sushi? That’s the feeling of so called “Shibireru – goosebump” that happened from a serious contest between the chef and the customer. It’s the feeling that was create at the sushi counter when a real sushi craftsmen and enthusiastic customer met each other

It is because all the expression whether the sushi is delicious or not from the customer are visible in front of the chef. All the expectation of the customer toward the sushi will truly make you feel “goosebump”. This feeling of goosebump is created when value and expectation between the chef and customer fit well with each other. This is how we create history in Tsukiji through the head office of “Tsukiji Aosora Sandaime”. We will open a Bangkok store to give Bangkok a chance to taste the feeling of “Goosebump”


Before the war, Tonoka Fukujirou, the first generation, came to Tsukiji and started a fish stall, then got the right to purchase fish from Tsukiji Market and became a fish wholesaler. Takeshi Ishikawa, the third generaion, who has a dream of working in food business since he was a child, fought hard to learn more about food, not just in Japan, but all around the world, to create an “Edomae Sushi Store that will become the pride of Japan. He is a true son of Tsukiji who spend his time since childhood in Tsukiji with an aspiration to create a company where both employee and customer can both be happy and enjoy.

Takeshi Ishikawa

President and Representative Director

Mr. Maeda's secret master
Hoei Maeda

Grand Executive Chef

You can make your way through the 50-year-old career and a sushi holding in a genius sense.

Hoei Maeda

Grand Executive Chef

29 March 2018

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